It is a free schedule management app.

29th in the ranking of App Store and 43rd in the ranking of google play!

It is equipped with all the functions necessary for schedule management, such as automatic totaling of total time, display of transitions by bar graph, registration of diary and goals, and remind function by push notification.

This app is for everyone who is spending time towards their dreams. For example, it is popular with students who want to check their study time, working people who want to get a qualification between jobs, and housewives who want to find their own time during housework and child-rearing.




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Schedule of the day

You can easily register an appointment with “1 tap”, so scheduling does not take time.

The schedule is displayed as a pie chart, so you can visualize the flow of the day.

You can turn on push notifications to receive notifications at the scheduled start time.


Choose from over 100 colors

We have more than 100 colors available so that you can choose the color that suits your schedule.

You can choose different colors yourself, which can be fun to schedule!!


Daily transition

You can check the transition for one month on the bar graph.

You can quickly see what you did and how many hours you did each day, so you can review your day.


List of schedule

The schedule can be displayed not only in a pie chart but also in a list, so you can easily check the detailed daily schedule.


Goal / diary record

You can write a diary. You can register goals.

You will be able to manage the time to achieve your goals.


Automatic aggregation of total time

The total time can be automatically totaled for each schedule.

For example, you can immediately see how many hours you have studied in total.

You can improve the way you spend the day when scheduling the next day.


To Do List

You can use to-do lists to organize the parts of your mind that you have in your head.

By listing tasks, you can prevent missed appointments and facilitate scheduling adjustments.


Simple is good

You can decide the schedule name and color by yourself, and editing is easy.

① What kind of schedule did you spend the day → There is a pie chart display and numerical display. The pie chart makes it easy to see what kind of day it was, and the numerical display shows XX hours to □ hours (only numbers like the total time, so you can check it simply.

②Total time of the day → The schedule entered in (1) is compressed, and a pie chart is displayed in descending order of what and how much time was spent.

③ What kind of schedule did you spend the month? → It is displayed as a bar graph and you can compare your own activity amount.

④ Goal, diary function → You can set a goal of how you want to spend in calendar format, and you can easily leave notes. It is roughly composed of these 4 elements. Since the display is simple, there is no visual clutter, and I am very satisfied with the elements I want.

Be aware of time with a purpose

I was impressed, so I will write a review of the app for the first time. I use it as a time log rather than a calendar to understand how to use my daily time.
The design is simple and easy to use, and the motion during operation is very comfortable.

The flat color is refreshing and you can see it without getting tired of it.

I was looking for such an app! Updates such as the diary function are also very good. thank you very much.

Simple is good!

The point that the screen is simple and easy to see is very good. I had never seen managing a schedule in a pie chart, so it was refreshing. I felt that it was easier to use because it could be managed intuitively rather than writing the schedule in bullet points.

Simple, easy to see and understand !

It is very easy to use because you can see the flow of the day at a glance. I think it's a very good point because it can be color-coded according to the schedule and how long it will take is also displayed. I would like to expect further updates.

You can easily manage your schedule!

The daily schedule can be set in color, making it easy to see. Also, since you can see the total time for each schedule, you can see at a glance what and how much time you spent.


Quick schedule management with a pie chart !

You can easily manage the schedule. Visualizing 24 hours seems to be a good opportunity to review your life.

EASY Schedule management !

I was using a different schedule, but it became difficult to use after it was updated, and I downloaded this when I was in trouble.

It's easy to operate and easy to understand, so you can use it immediately even for the first time.

There are many colors so you can change it according to the mood of the day and enjoy it! It is also for schedule table management, but it is helpful because you can check the gap time because you can visualize it.


* Excerpt from App store review