All basic operations are free to use.

Basic operation can be used with both free plan and premium plan.

[Premium plan] (There are two types, monthly payment and annual payment)

・ Hide all ads

・ Use of widgets

・ Free trial for one week

・Unlimited use of templates

・ Priority support

・ $4.49 / month

・ $44.99 / year (17% OFF, $3.79 per month)

・ Two widgets, list or pie chart, are available in the premium plan.

・ By watching the CM from the bonus, it can be used even by those with a free plan.

You can change the date in two ways.

1. Change with the crawler at the top of the screen.

2. Swipe left or right near the center of the screen.

If you accidentally add an appointment, click the pen mark next to “Add appointment from history” at the bottom left of the screen to display the history deletion screen.

To receive reminders with push notifications, set “Notifications on” on the iPhone / Android settings screen as shown below.

Select the timing you want to be notified in “Notification Timing” in the setting screen in the app.

1. For iPhone

iPhone Settings> Notifications> Daily Calendar

・ Turn on “Allow notifications”

・ For “Lock screen”, “Notification center” and “Banner”

check mark

-Turn on “Sound” and “Badge”

2. For Android

Settings (main unit)> Apps and notifications> Daily calendar> Notifications ON

From the pull-down in the notification timing of the setting screen

・ Start time just

・ 5 minutes ago

·10 minutes ago

・ 15 minutes ago

・ Notification off

Can be selected.

The camera mark on the upper right of the schedule input screen is the screenshot button.

By pressing this button, you can save the pie chart image on your smartphone and share it on SNS and LINE.

(It is really recommended because sharing the schedule will dramatically increase the feasibility of the schedule.)